A Complete Ecommerce Solution for Online Business.

Mobile First eCommerce platform, Best ecommerce website with all required features and integration at lowest cost. Create Website in 2 Minutes. A Complete Hosted Ecommerce Solution with Design Support, Integrated Courier, Payment, SMS, SEO, Free Domain, Mobile Theme, GST, Social Tools etc.

Coupon code

build-in module for creating and managing promotion codes and coupons for discounts which can be applied to different products, categories or store-wide. Coupon codes can help you increase your store conversion rate, create special promotions or submit your custom offers to different sites or advertising campaigns.


Stock Management System with Products Option like Color, Size, Type etc.

Order Report

Order information is displayed in either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly increments depending on which option you select in the "Group By" drop box.

Product View Report

The Products Viewed Report gives you an idea of what products are being viewed the most, or the least, in the store front. You view live visitors on specific page.

Google Analytic

Google Analytics is a powerful statistics tool for tracking performing on the internet. It allows you to monitor visitors, top-performing content etc.

Customer Activity Report

Activity system will allows you to track and manage your customers accounts from the admin panel. This section will show you a list of recent activities.

Order Management

Get detils of your orders, Edit, view or fulfuil the shipment.


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Social media integration

Share your products on social media to get more reach and sales.


The currency sections lets you select which currencies are available for use in store front. The default currency will display all the product prices in that currency. The currency preference can be changed by the customer in the header section of any page in the front office.

Email and SMS Notification

Send Email and SMS on various user activity like order, order Status and dispatch.

Multi Store

Multi-store management using only one website. You can add multiple stores with different stock quantity for your different stores.

Sales reporting

Get Order Report, Shipping Report, Tax Report, Return Report, Coupon Report, Products report, Customer Report, Reward Point Report, Customer Activity and Online Report etc.